Licensed or Not, it matter A LOT

Sarasota county made headway on rooting out unlicensed contractors working in the area last week. The three-day operation resulted in 17 arrests and a total of 21 felony charges and 15 misdemeanor charges.

“These arrests serve as a strong reminder to always do your research before selecting someone to work on your home or business,” commented Sheriff Tom Knight. “Consumers are exposing themselves to financial and physical risk by allowing these people to enter their home unlicensed. Not only does this pose a threat to consumers, it also directly effects legitimate business owners doing the right thing and operating within the parameters of the law.”

Southwest Florida Dream Builders always hires licensed and insured sub-contractors that we have been partnered with for up to 13 years. As a customer shopping for their dream home, know that you will receive quality work from reliable professionals with our team.