The Custom Home Difference

There are many differences when it comes to builders, and we would like to make sure you know what they are.  As a custom home builder we take extra care to make sure to fit our customer’s needs; rather than a customer finding a builder which fits theirs. 

Southwest Florida Dream Builders after many years in the business has adapted to make your project experience as simple, easy, and fun as possible; the way building a home should be.

Here are a few examples:

1.    Custom Plans.  We have many floor plans to choose from, but we are never bound to them.  Many builders build certain models and that is all.  This is so they can cut their costs as much as possible.  We are able to modify ANY of our floor plans, work with a provided custom plan, and do everything in our power to get you as close to your budget as possible.

2.    Amenities.  Many builders have a set selection for what they call “standard”.  With us, our standard is a cut above the competition.  Our prices give you many selections for granite, quality cabinets, tile, carpet, etc.  With that being said, we still find a way for our prices to be competitive.

3.    Upgrades.   Many builders use this as a bait and switch.  They advertise the low cost to build and give you the “option” of upgrading.  We build homes with proper options of what we have found most customers want and need included in our standard package. Upgrading even further is more than welcome.  Plain white ceiling fans and “builder grade” carpets are not something we use, much less call standard.  

4.    An out the door price.  Our prices include everything from clearing and filling of the lot, drafting fees, permitting fess, our “not so standard” amenities, and everything else it will take to build you a quality home.  There are no extra undisclosed costs. 

5.    Sticking to our price.  Many builders use an escalation clause in their contract.  In laymen’s terms this means they have the option to increase the price after signing of the contract in the event that a cost (such as windows) goes up.  We stick to our price and never let the extra cost fall back on our customers.

6.    Pride.  We are a local family that has been living in Englewood, FL for over 18 years and we take pride in all our work.  As a father son building team, we are the only two people you will deal with throughout the process.  We care about our positive reputation in this town and wish to keep it that way.  We are not a commercialized company who has different people for sales, contact, or supervision.  Larry Cornell and Danny Cornell are the only names you need to remember and this makes a big difference for accountability and customer service.



These points separate us from the rest and we hope you think so too.

Thank you in advance for considering Southwest Florida Dream Builders as the company to build your Dream Home.