Beautiful Town, Beautiful Birds

For any wildlife enthusiasts that are interested in moving to Southwest Florida, below is a recent article concerning man-made nests for the local osprey population. Southwest Florida is known for their large birds-of-prey population. In the Englewood area, we are fortunate to observe osprey, bald eagles, red-shouldered hawks and many other species. This is just another exciting reason to take the plunge and move to this area year-round. For anyone who would like to see the multitude of birds gracing our town, a second link will have the Southwest Florida bird populations. In fact, Southwest Florida Dream Builders has a bald eagle that loves to fish right in the backyard of our model. Make an appointment today to come take a look!

New EOC and Hurricane Procedures

With the advent of hurricane season, Sarasota county has announced the building of a new Emergency Operations Center (EOC) for weather events. Along with the new EOC, Sarasota counts has revamped emergency procedures for residents of Englewood, North Port, Venice, and Sarasota. The county has tripled it’s staff for emergency situations, and added communication and utilities control operations from within the new EOC. Also, a new Medical Needs Program provides individuals, their spouses and children and a designated caregiver transportation to an evacuation center. County emergency personnel would like to remind us that keeping a battery-operated radio is integral to communicate information regarding operations during these types of events. Southwest Florida Dream Builders is a family-owned, local business that would like all of our Englewood area families to stay informed and safe this hurricane season. Next year, you’re on your own, though.

Licensed or Not, it matter A LOT

Sarasota county made headway on rooting out unlicensed contractors working in the area last week. The three-day operation resulted in 17 arrests and a total of 21 felony charges and 15 misdemeanor charges.

“These arrests serve as a strong reminder to always do your research before selecting someone to work on your home or business,” commented Sheriff Tom Knight. “Consumers are exposing themselves to financial and physical risk by allowing these people to enter their home unlicensed. Not only does this pose a threat to consumers, it also directly effects legitimate business owners doing the right thing and operating within the parameters of the law.”

Southwest Florida Dream Builders always hires licensed and insured sub-contractors that we have been partnered with for up to 13 years. As a customer shopping for their dream home, know that you will receive quality work from reliable professionals with our team.

Even More Reasons to Build in Florida

Looking for unique beaches visit all around Florida? Look no further! The 20 best beaches in Florida are all compiled here for your trip planning pleasure. Many of our Southwest Florida beaches made the list, with Siesta Key ranking prominently for it’s unique landscape. Boasting the finest quartz sand beaches in the world, a recent $20 million renovation, and a sprawling 40-acre state park, there is a lot to see. Visiting our local Manasota Key and Boca Grande beaches is a hit with vacationers and locals alike. If taking in the rich history and majestic landscape of Florida year-round is a dream of yours, consider building with Southwest Florida Dream Builders to join in the fun!

The Florida Focus

The CEO of one of the nation’s top homebuilding conglomerates sat down with “Mad Money’s” Jim Cramer, yesterday. TRI Pointe Group’s Douglas Bauer expressed a positive outlook for the rest of the year, and a 19% surge in profits in the first quarter of 2019. Now in its 10th year of business, the CEO said they’re focused on the southeast part of the country to continue to grow its market share. In particular, Florida and Texas will be focused on. So, what does this mean for us in Southwest Florida? There is no indication that the rising housing market will be slowing down, in the near future! The time to visit our model to discuss building your Dream Home is now!

Good Eats In Englewood

Sarasota Herald-Tribune wrote a charming piece on Englewood restaurants! This goes to show some of the attention that our pleasant town is getting around Southwest Florida. From waterside grills to European style bistros, Englewood’s variety has fans flocking from all around Florida. Come check out what makes this such a great area, and while you are enjoying the local flavors, make an appointment with Southwest Florida Dream Builders to discuss your Homebuilding opportunities!

Beach Tips

After last summer’s beach time being taken up by red tide, and this winter sharing the crowded beaches with our annual vacationers, it may be time for a few beach tip reminders. Many locals have been in Englewood for a long time, but the break in Gulf visits may have left some of us the confidence without the practice. Below is a link for some healthy habits to take up, either for our snowbird friends/neighbors, or for ourselves. Remember to stay hydrated and keep our beaches clean. This is Southwest Florida Dream Builders wishing you safe fun in the sun, for this year and the next.

New Braves Stadium

The Atlanta Braves have moved their spring training location to Southwest Florida! The CoolToday Park has opened on March 24th 2019, and opened to a sold out stadium. Only 15 minutes’ drive from Englewood, the CoolToday Park is enticing homebuyers from around the state. Catching a game between the Atlanta Braves and the rest of MLB’s spring trainers is yet another fantastic way to spend your time in our sunny beach town. The amenities give the area it’s special flare, and Southwest Florida Dream Builders can work with you to make this place your Home!

Rising market, Rising prices.

Single-family home prices rose 3.3 percent to a median $299,000 in the local area. Total pending sales have increased by 56 percent since last December. With a market driven by consumer rush for Florida living, why wait? Southwest Florida Dream Builders has increases in various floor plans to take effect 31 March. Any contract signed prior to 31 March will lock in legacy pricing. Thinking about building a home in Rotonda, Englewood, or South Gulf Cove? Build your Dream Home today!

Old Homes, Old Pipes

This new article warns that cast-iron piping on older homes can be a huge cost to homebuyers. When considering Florida home buying, new homes require the least maintenance and meet current county/state environmental standards. Some Florida homeowners will be paying tens of thousands of dollars to solve this old piping issues. Make sure that YOU are not one of them! With 13 years of building in Charlotte County and a reputation for consistent quality, Southwest Florida Dream Builders is here for all of your home building needs.

Consistent Quality

HD Custom Homes has, unfortunately, left their former customers in the lurch with homes grinding to a halt in mid-build. This has gained the attention of Charlotte County compliance officers. They are now reaching out to the former customers to attempt to work towards removing debris left by unpaid subcontractors. When choosing a company to build your Dream Home, remember that Southwest Florida Dream Builders has great repertoire with local, family owned, subcontractors. With 13 years of building in Charlotte County and a reputation for consistent quality, Southwest Florida Dream Builders is here for all of your home building needs.

Doing your research for a builder.

The mounting need for building contractors in Florida has caused growing skepticism concerning out-of-town and out-of-state contractors. Southwest Florida Dream Builders is a local, family owned business. Our trusted sub-contractors have worked with us for an average of 10 years. There are no out-of-state sub-contractors with us. We know them all by first name and meet with them on a daily basis. When choosing a company to build your Dream Home, please make sure you do the research and choose a company that your can count on.